Cub Scout Recruitment
The best things in Scouting happen at the unit level. It’s true for life changing experiences that happen in every pack meeting, and it’s true for recruiting as well. When packs and dens get involved, more boys are introduced to the adventure of Scouting than through any other recruiting campaign or method. We can’t do it without you!

School Night to Join Scouting
School Night to Join Scouting (SNJS), is a recruiting event held at every elementary school to give the youth an opportunity to join Cub Scouts. It is a cooperative effort between our districts and pack leadership. The Join Scouting Night should be a fun informative night for prospective families.

For many parents, this is the first experience they have with Scouting, so their initial impression is crucial. If parents leave with a bad experience they may never give scouts another chance. For this reason we all need to work hard to ensure that the new families feel welcomed and informed. Remember, parents trust us with their most precious treasures- their children. We must always do our best to meet their highest expectations.

Below, you’ll find resources and tips for making recruiting a fun and enjoyable experience that keeps the bigger picture in focus: growing your unit to reach more kids, strengthen your packs and have more fun!

Planning Resources

Packs with an excellent track record of recruiting and retaining members have one thing in common – theyare prepared to receive boys into their program. Use the following guidebook as playbook on how to successful conduct a school night to join scouting and parent orientation meeting.

  • Unit School Night to Join Scouting Guidebook & Parent Orientation Guidebook (Link)

  •  “The Box” – School Night Resource Kit (Link)

  •    Sign-In Sheet (Link)

  •     Reporting Envelope (Link)

New Parent On-Boarding Envelope
The on-boarding envelopes and resources are given to new parents as they attend the School Night to Join Scouting.

  • Parent Orientation Guide (Link)

  • Parent Talent Survey (Link)

  • Mini-Boy’s Life Magazines (Link)

  • Youth Applications (Form)

  • Adult Applications (Form)

How to Populate your BeAScout Pin

 Unit leaders should be populating their "unit pin" in order to display the most accurate information.

  • Instructions (Link)

      Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

Designed to encourage Scouts to bring in new membership by inviting their friends to participate in what the Scouting program has to offer.

  • Video (Video)

  • Bring-A-Buddy (Link)

  • Bring-A-Buddy Business Card Sheet (Link)

 Marketing Resources

A strong marketing plan is important to promote your packs program year-round, not just at school night.

This will keep your unit in front of prospective members.

  • Marketing Ideas (Link)

  • Social Media Overview (Link)

  •  Print Ads (Link)

  • E-Blast (Link)

  • Parent Testimonials (Link)

  • School Night Flyer (Link)

  • Sticker Sheet (Link)

  • Youth Recruiting without School Access (Link)

  • Boy Talk How to (Link)

  • Boy Talk Video (Video)

Support Articles

  • Understanding Cub Scout Parents (Link)

  • Inside the Mind of a Cub Scout (Link)

  • Mom’s Honor: Scouting Fortifies Son Who Has Autism (Link)

  • How Joining Scouting Boosted Her Son’s Confidence and Stopped Bullying (Link)

  • Mom Shares 5 Reasons to Get Kids into Scouting (Link)

  •  Mom Shares 9 Reasons to Get Your Son Involved in Boy Scouts ASAP! (Link)